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~ An Agriculture Tourism Destination in Prince Edward County ~ 
Specializing in Experiential Tourism | Creating Intimate, Elegant and Exclusive Experiences 
Teaching people where their food comes from 
Wholesome, Healthy and Sustainable

Photography by Johnny C. Y. Lam (


A dream that started on The Camino de Santiago, Spain

It’s the middle of the night, in a deserted train station in southern France, in a town on the Bay of Biscay, just a short ride from the Spanish border. A young man arrived late. Not wanting to spend 60 Euros for a pension for a few hours, he headed for the train station, planning on taking an early train into Spain.

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Littlejohn Farm is an Agricultural Tourism Destination specializing in farm to table living and teaching people where their food comes from. We are a service-based company that creates and curates food and beverage experiences through showcasing everything that our beautiful region has to offer (agriculture, culture, ecotourism and gastronomy).

What is Experiential Tourism at Littlejohn Farm? “In providing Instructional Services we create and curate an environment where guests are encouraged to learn by doing and gain hands on experience that they can take away something (knowledge and souvenirs) that they will connect with a specific memory for a lifetime.” - Luhana & Zach Littlejohn


We are often asked how we came up with the name Littlejohn Farm. No, it is not a reference to Star Trek or Robin Hood. It is our family name.


The genesis of this farm came out of a trip to the Camino where Zach and I met and fell in love. For those of you haven’t heard of the Camino—it is a 30 day trip, 800KM walking pilgrimage that starts in France and ends in Spain. As we walked, we spoke about starting a sustainability project that would involve teaching people of all ages where their food comes from.


Our food philosophy is centered around understanding the process that goes into making wholesome, healthy and sustainable cuisine.


Through our services of Culinary Workshops, Wine Tours, Harvest Experiences, and Corporate Business Packages we aim to inject mindfulness about what products people consume and how they can make better choices.

Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 


Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 

Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 

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Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 

Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 

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Photography by Johnny C.Y. Lam 

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