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Welcome to Littlejohn Farm

Luhana Littlejohn

Curator of Experiences & Team Motivator 

The engine room behind the artist. Luhana is a self proclaimed motivator and the one who helps the thought process come to life.

Luhana was born in Brazil and has a background in Economy with an MBA at The Solvay Brussels School Economics & Management in Belgium - where she lived for 6 years.

Luhana has past experiences in project management and business development at Microsoft Belgium, Husqvarna Canada and Montana Steele Strategic Marketing.

Zach Littlejohn

Chef Instructor & Farmer


The Artist behind the vision.

Raised on a small farm in rural Ontario, Zach developed his love and passion for food and sustainable agriculture at a young age.

When he finally decided to pursue his culinary dreams, he moved to Whistler, British Columbia where he gained a corporate hospitality background through hands on learning and work experience with IntraWest/ Fortress (Global Industry leaders in Winter Tourism resort hospitality).

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