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Farm-to-Table Culinary Experience

These Authentic & Interactive Farm-to-Table Dining Experiences capture the essence of country living with some international themes, flavours and influences. 


What's included: 

  • A tour of our property and gardens where guests will have a chance to see exactly where their food is coming from

  • A Culinary Workshop 

  • Dinner (includes: a garden cocktail, canapés, bread service, multicourse meal and dessert)

  • Beverages - non-alcoholic beverages are included, please note that we do not sell alcohol. Guests are welcome to bring their own preferred local beer/wine/cider and pour their own drinks / the appropriate glassware will be provided). 

$225 + HST per person

Approximately 4 hours, including dinner 

Aprons and kitchen tools are provided during the experience. Just remember to wear comfy shoes!

Gift Certificates are available. Let the recipients choose the day they like!

Everyone will have the opportunity of a Farm Dinner where guests will work together to create a meal that they will later eat. 

Check out some of our inspiring videos by clicking on the button below

  • These experiences are offered on summer weekends - are great for couples, smaller groups and individuals. 

  • Check the calendar below and choose the date you are interested in.

  • You can easily book it online through the link in the calendar. You will then 
    receive an email confirmation.

  • Spots are limited! 

Dinner Calendar

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